Cleaning Wipes & Hand Care
Clean Hands Citrus, Heavy Duty Solvent Free Hand Cleaner

A potent, solvent-free hand cleansing gel with polymer beads. Contains natural citrus ingredients to remove ingrained soiling. For heavy duty industrial soilings such as ink and grease. Contains glycerine for added skin protection. Given these points, Especially suitable for the printing industry.

4.2kg Container (pump dispensers for containers available)

Clean Hands Plus, Solvent-free Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner

A solvent-free hand cleansing paste developed for the effective removal of medium to heavy soilings such as lubricants, diesel, brake fluid, cement, rust, etc. For the purpose of use in the automotive, construction and metal industries, etc.

4.2kg Container (pump dispensers for containers available)

Clean Hands Universal Barrier & Reconditioning Cream

A highly effective barrier cream which contains a skin moisturizer to ensure that the skin is suitable for both wet and dry work. It’s a long lasting, none-taky, and none-slippery on the hands. coupled with Its skin-conditioning properties make it ideal as an after work reconditioning cream. No added lanolin or perfume. Complies with BS EN 1276 and is also effective against MRSA, Salmonella typhimurium, Listeria monocytogenes, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, e.coli, Staphylococcus aureus, and Enterococcus hirae.

500ml pump-action bottle

Big Wipes, Wet Industrial Hand Cleaning Wipes

Designed to remove paint, adhesives, silicone, epoxy, PU foam, oil, grease, and more from hands, tools, and surfaces. Sturdy and absorbent wipes made from 3 layers of quilted, non woven fabric. Pre-moistened and cleaning liquid – no water required. The 4×4 formula contains four powerful cleaning agents and four dermatologically tested skin conditioners, making the wipes tough on grime and kind to hands. Not to mention the recipe is free from preservatives, biodegradable and offers >99% bacterial protection.

Tub, 96 wipes (20cm x 30cm)

Clean Hands Smooth Wet Hand Wipes

Based on non-toxic solvents and mild agents and contain no hydrocarbon-related solvents or alkalis. For the removal of light to medium ingrained soils from the hands and the removal of oils and greases. with this in mind, it’s Ideal for when on the move or where there are no washing facilities available.

Tub, 100 wipes (20cm x30cm)