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Maintenance Products

Maintenance Products

Maintenance Products

We strongly believe that a well maintained press will achieve better printing results and significantly reduce down time. With more fillers being used in coated papers calcium build up is becoming an ever increasing problem. We’ve carefully selected the market leading roller and blanket care products to tackle this ever increasing problem.
We’ve also designed our own maintenance schedule which is available on request and a member from our Technical team will always be happy to assist you.

UV Porogel Decal/Degalze Paste

Powerful decalcifying and deglazing paste specifically designed for use with UV inks, helping to extend roller life and optimising ink transfer. Compatible with all rubber types and enhanced scratch resistance thanks to new strong alloy.


A gel calcium remover which adheres to the inking rollers  and removes calcium build up from all inking roller types extremely effectively.

Varn Take it off paste

An innovative roller de-glazer and dried ink remover, penetrates deep into the roller surface removing dried ink build up and dissolving glaze promoting better printing ink transfer and printing results.

Varn Calcium Deglazer

Liquid calcium remover, effectively tackles the ever increasing problem of calcium build up, with more fillers being used in coated papers this is becoming. Safe to use on all roller types.