Printing Blankets

Vulcan Smart

Latest, revolutionary printing blanket from the Vulcan range, suited for packaging and commercial sheetfed applications. A versatile blanket, offering exceptional durability, print quality, sheet release and value.

  • Unique blanket design
  • Exceptional Smash resistance and reduced edge mark
  • Very flexible for an easy mounting on press
  • Suitable for hybrid printing (UV & Conventional)
  • Dedicated for packaging and commercial sheetfed
  • ISEGA Approved

Vulcan Combo

A very durable 4ply printing blanket designed for sheetfed packaging applications offers excellent print quality.  Specifically developed construction offers harder overall microhardness than a standard blanket giving high-quality print results without compromising consistency or durability.

  • Improved rebound-ability and striking absorption
  • Increased flexibility, easy handling and machine set-up
  • Improvement of halftone reproduction and overall print quality
  • Enhanced smash resistance
  • Increased blanket lifetime

Vulcan Folio

Premium Hybrid sheetfed printing blanket, offering exceptional printing quality and consistency.

  • Excellent halftone reproduction
  • Reduced gauge loss
  • Implements all benefits of the Dynatech System
  • Better vibration absorption
  • Less gear streaking marks
  • Higher paper smash resistance
  • Blanket consistency
  • Excellent rebound-ability

Vulcan Sunrise

A specifically designed printing blanket to meet the demands and requirements of LED-UV & H-UV sheetfed applications.

  • Specifically designed for the latest UV applications (LE/ HUV, LED UV)
  • Excellent printing quality (solids and halftone reproduction)
  • Very good ink release
  • Helps avoid ink back-trapping
  • Implements all benefits of the Dynatech System:
  • Excellent smash and edge marks resistance
  • Better vibration absorption

Vulcan UV

EPDM face and high solvent resistant construction offer excellent print quality, designed specifically for UV sheetfed or a self-adhesive UV forms version.

  • Specifically designed for UV applications
  • Increased blanket lifetime
  • Reduced downtime due to fewer blanket changes
  • A sticky back blanket is also available for business forms and labels printing

Vulcan ECO

A very versatile and durable blanket, designed for sheetfed commercial, packaging or metal decorating applications

  • Specifically designed for a wide range of applications in sheetfed printing and in metal decorating
  • Suitable for high volumes printing
  • Improved printing quality in tough conditions

Vulcan 714 Strip

Sheetfed, strippable coating and varnish blanket, designed for aqueous and UV sheetfed applications.

  • Specifically designed for strippable and varnishing applications
  • Smooth varnish laydown
  • Easy to strip due to the special compressible layer
  • Excellent ink transfer and high resistance to ink pick up
  • Suitable for flood, spot, knock out coating applications

Perfect Dot TP

High-performance printing blanket, designed for commercial and packaging conventional sheetfed applications.

Perfect Dot TP offers excellent printing quality when printing solids and halftones.  Dual Air Technology System, two compressible layers give exceptional durability and help to reduce pressure marks without compromising printing quality.  Excellent value, premium printing blanket.

Perfect Dot DL

Extremely high-performance blanket, designed for commercial and packaging conventional sheetfed applications.

Perfect Dot DL offers optimal sharp dot reproduction, exceptional print quality, and very high-performance results in all areas.  ISEGA approved.

Perfect Dot ECO

Very quick release sheetfed blanket giving excellent results when printing on difficult or lightweight stocks. Offers excellent durability and value.

Printec 75

A highly versatile and durable sheetfed printing blanket offering exceptional printing results

  • Ideal for commercial applications
  • Suitable also for metal decorating and packaging applications
  • Superior blanket durability
  • Very high print quality

Printec 284

Advanced technology, a dual-core system, offering exceptional consistency and durability when printing on difficult boards and substrates without compromising print quality.

  • Advanced Technology with Dual Core System:
  • Absorption Core provides a softer face (carpet pad) to prevent edge cutting. Allows blanket to lay down a nice solid and provides a more controlled sheet release
  • Power Core has a tighter radius and less adverse reaction to torque. Acts as a shock absorber and allows the blanket to take a bigger hit
  • High printing quality and longer life
  • Suitable also for packaging applications (printing on paper and cardboard)

Day Graphica 36 Printing Blankets

A highly durable printing blanket, ideal for high usage or demanding print conditions, offers high solvent resistance and consistent print results.

Day Graphica 3610 Printing Blankets

Offers high printing results even on the most difficult stocks, exceptional solvent resistance and durability.

Exact Dot Printing Blankets

Exceptional sheetfed printing blanket offers excellence in all areas, ideally suited for commercial sheetfed applications. Exact Dot offers excellent print quality, consistency, and durability even in the most demanding conditions.

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