standard-title PreTex Wash Rolls

PreTex Wash Rolls

Pretex Pre-Saturated Wash Rolls

lntuprint are the UK Exclusive distributors for Pretex pre saturated wash rolls, Europe’s biggest selling pre-soaked washcloths. Pretex is suitable for conventional UV or hybrid setups. Ready to use rolls with no preparation required” to “Pretex are revolutionary formulated with a uniformly calculated impregnation method ensuring consistent and highly effective cleaning. Pretex offer a wide variety of length options for both sheet fed and web presses.

  • Patented Micrometric Impregnation to ensure a uniform saturation throughout the roll unlike other products.
  • Fogra approved.
  • Vacuum foiled packed, ensuring no migration of fluid, consistently giving perfectly stable rolls and extended storage life.
  • Extensive range to cater for all presses and setups including LED and H UV.

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