Blanket Washcloth Conversion

Intuprint supplies Sontara Print Consumables to the print industry.
Fiberwipe Blanket Wash Cloths

Intuprint has the only designated blanket washcloth conversion in the UK.

Our revolutionary UK converting facility lets us offer our customers and distributors the widest choice of certified washcloth materials. We also give you the best service available with our vast stock levels and in-house manufacturing.

Our bespoke high-speed rewinder uses the latest rewinding technology resulting consistent and high-quality washcloth rolls.

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Mini Washcloth Core Collection Service


(Core Collection Service) means we can significantly extend the life of the HDPE plastic blanket washcloth core by re-using it at least a minimum of 5 times.  We supply a pallet box, and once the box is filled with used cores, we collect free of charge, inspect and re-use.  When the cores have reached their use limit, they’re sent for granulation and recycling into other products.  Please get in touch with us for more information.

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