Kodak Printing Plates


KODAK SONORA XTRA Plates overcome the limitations of other process free plates. With all the benefits of process free plate making plus faster imaging speeds, better image contrast, and more robust handling, SONORA XTRA Plates will revolutionize your print operation.

  • XTRA CLEAR – strong image contrast comparable to processed plate, making exceptional readability
  • XTRA QUICK – quick enough for the fastest plate setters on the market, so you get more out of your existing CTP equipment
  • XTRA TOUGH – Robust for any print environment with enhanced scratch resistance and durability
  • XTRA LONG RUNS – up to 250,000 on sheetfed presses running conventional inks and 100,000 with UV inks


Exceptional high resolution for premium performance

Differentiate yourself from the competition with KODAK ELECTRA XD Thermal Plates, designed to consistently produce extremely high-quality print. ELECTRA XD Plates deliver exceptional press performance with the versatility to adapt to most print conditions and run lengths.

  • High Resolution
  • Long Run Capability, up to 350,000 unbaked, 1,000,000 baked
  • Low Chemical usage


A very high performance negative working, thermal plate, offering extremely low chemical usage and extended run lengths.

  • 500,000 Run Lengths (un baked)
  • Significantly reduced chemical usage and waste production
  • Sharp detail and stability for short and long run AM and FM
  • Fast Processing Speeds

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