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We are official authorised distributors of the worlds leading plate manufacturer, distributing Fujifilms revolutionary products throughout the UK. 

We ensure our customers receive the very best technical support and service available.


Fujifilm Superior ZD

Fujifilms latest thermal processless plate, exceptional durabilty with upto 150,000 impressions. UV compatible.

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Fujifilm LH-PLE

A high-definition, positive-working thermal CTP plate for long-run commercial print applications. Superia LH-PLE can be used with UV inks, either unbaked or baked, and features enhanced scratch resistance.  Run length: up to 300,000 (unbaked), 150,000 UV ink (unbaked), 400,000 (baked) 


Fujifilm Pro-V

Low chemistry violet CTP plate designed for medium to long production runs.  Unrivalled print quality and performace.

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Fujifilm Superior ZP

Thermal processless plate offering efficiency without compromising on quality.

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Fujifilm LH-PXE

A positive-working, thermal CTP plate for ultra long run commercial sheet-fed and web applications. Superia LH-PXE offers an extended run length of up to 1,000,000 when baked due to a new double layer emulsion which enhances plate durability.


Fujifilm Brillia LPNV

A negative working, violet CTP plate for medium to long-run commercial print applications that can also be used with UV inks (unbaked), and is suitable for high quality 20μm FM screening applications.